Guus Hoevenaars

Guus Hoevenaars

Highlights of Guus’ Work

Guus Hoevenaars is a 2 x Emmy winning and Bafta Nominated Producer / Mixer & Engineer.

After nearly 2 decades in London and 7 years in Atlanta, Guus now runs Newmarket Studios.

He has worked with Courtney Barnett, Vance Joy, Kurt Vile, Tones & I, The Avalanchers, Tkay Maidza, Kingswood, Amy Manford, Thando, Blackheart Death Cult, Scissor Sisters, Broads, Claps, The Rookies, Clint Wilson, The Hunter Express, The Feeling, Manfred Mann, Orchestra Victoria.

“The US opened my eyes and ears to what producing really is … I was part of this incredible creative studio called Soapbox Studios. We had Missy Elliott, P-Diddy, David Guetta, Bangladesh (Beyonce), Novel (Leona Lewis), Cee-lo Green and many others passing through.

For about 7 years soaking up the knowledge… along side working with Lann Johnson under the name JINJA. It was an incredible time”

In London he worked from Trevor Horn’s Music Bank, Jools Holland’s studio and Manfred Mann’s Workhouse Studios

Born in The Netherlands, Guus studied at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, graduating as Tonmeister and worked with a wide range of artists producing and recording albums for genres from Jazz through Pop (PIAS/Wilhelmus) to Classical (Philips Classic/Deutsche Gramophone).


Julian Mckenzie

Julian Mckenzie

Julian McKenzie commenced working at Newmarket Studios in 2009, initially as an assistant engineer, progressing into the position of house engineer- and subsequently studio manager in 2012. As studio manager he oversaw a period of upgrade to the studio in the form of ongoing renovations and improvements while maintaining the studio’s affinity for vintage and classic high quality audio equipment. Passionate about music, art, education and the expression of sound- during this time he also enjoyed teaching studio engineering in a Cert IV Music Industry course, holding classes at Newmarket Studios, as well as a brief career as a singing teacher. He has also worked for several years with the mastering department at Dex audio and has a solid knowledge of the entire recording process from song construction to finished records. In the recent years his career as a singer, performer, and songwriter has meant a busy schedule balancing international touring and engineering duties at Newmarket. When he cannot be found in the studio or on stage- his time is spent mostly in, or on, the ocean.

Lilith Lane

Lilith Lane

Lilith Lane wears her sound production cap in between recording, releasing and performing her own music.  On returning to Melbourne after a stint of touring and travel she has joined the team as one of Newmarket’s Engineers.  Graduating from RMIT Sound Production in 1999 she has worked with numerous independent artists as a live sound engineer, as an in-house recording engineer at Bakehouse Studios, and as a live broadcast engineer at PBS.  She enjoys the process of capturing great performance and working with artists to fulfil their production ideas.  She loves the equipment at Newmarket Studios especially the vintage microphones, Harrison desk and grand piano.  She also teaches singing with Living Music (which operates from the same building), and has a degree in art history and Spanish language. ¡Ole!

Callum Barter

Callum Barter

Highlights of Callum’s Work

Callum Barter has been busy working as an Engineer/Producer for the last 14 years across Australia & beyond. After having made records out of a variety of studios over the years, Callum managed Newmarket Studios from 2015 – ’19. As studio manager and chief engineer, Callum has brought the studio an impressive roster of Australia’s top artists, including four time ARIA Award winner and Grammy nominee Courtney Barnett, as well as ARIA nominated duo Big Scary. With Callum at the helm, Newmarket has also opened doors to chart topping international talent, including American indie rock icon Kurt Vile, and UK’s rising electro-soul artist and producer, Sampha.

Some recent projects Callum has been working on…

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile – Album “Lotta Sea Lice” (Recorded & Mixed)       2017

Sampha – Live Studio Performance                                 (Recorded & Mixed)       2016

Saskwatch – Album “Manual Override”                          (Recorded & Mixed)       2017

Big Scary – Album “Animal”                                               (Recording) 2016

Jim Lawrie – Album  “Slacker of the Year”                        (Recorded & Mixed)       2017

Dorsal Fins – Album “Digital Zodiac”                                 (Recorded & Mixed)       2015

Milk Records – “Good For You” (Feat. Courtney Barnett)    (Recorded & Mixed)       2015

British India – “Controller” Album                                        (Mixed)                           2013

Broads – Album “Vacancy”                                                     (Recorded & Mixed)       2016

The Seven Ups – Album “Drinking Water”                            (Recorded & Mixed)       2016

The Black Heart Death Cult – Album                                     (Recorded & Mixed)       2017

Steve Boyd – Album                                                                  (Recorded & Mixed)       2017

The Hunter Express – Album                                                   (Recorded & Mixed)       2017

Romeo Moon – Singles                                                             (Recorded & Mixed)       2016

The Northern Folk – Single                                                    (Recorded & Mixed)       2017

Alpine – Forthcoming Album                                              (Recorded Drums)          2017

Gabriella Cohen – Live Studio Performance                           (Recorded & Mixed)       2017

Teeth & Tongue – Live Studio Performance                            (Recorded & Mixed)       2017

Lost Animal – Live Studio Performance                                  (Recorded & Mixed)       2016

Dirty Rascal – Album                                                               (Recorded & Mixed)       2017

Prior to taking over Newmarket, Callum mixed “Controller” (2013), the fourth studio album released by indie rock band British India, one of Australia’s most prolific touring bands which achieved Gold sales (35,000+) for the single – “I Can Make You Love Me” in November 2013.

Along with his extensive studio engineering work, Callum’s experience with live engineering has allowed him to work with a diverse range of artists both around Australia and overseas, including the USA and Asia. Some of the artists he has toured with include: Big Scary, Vance Joy, Courtney Barnet, Saskwatch, British India, The Cat Empire, Dan Auerbach, Dorsal Fins,  & Fraser A Gorman to name a few….
Exposure to such a vast range of musicians and musical styles over the years both in the studio and live setting has allowed Callum to hone his ear and production techniques to consistently produce an impressive, unique and identifiable sound. In addition to this, Callum’s professionalism, strong work ethic and ability to deliver a polished and considered sound for artists time and time again, is testament to why this engineer’s diary has limited free space throughout the year.

Callum has an Advanced Diploma in Music Industry (Technical Production) from RMIT, graduating in 2005.

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Please note, Callum is currently based in the US & only available for bookings of a 2 weeks or more.