Newmarket Studios, conveniently located at 87-91 Arden Street, North Melbourne, is fit and ready for your next recording project.

Get in touch with Guus for any studio enquiries! Email is preferred.

Newmarket offers high end, well maintained recording equipment fitted into a purpose built  studio, laid out across 4 tracking rooms, ready for the artist to get into creativity quickly and easily.

 Here are just a few projects!

Tones & I – singles (Recorded)

Kingswood – album ‘Juveniles’ (Recorded)

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile (USA) album “Lotta Sea Lice” (Recorded & Mixed)

Saskwatch – album – “Manual Override” (Recorded & Mixed)

Jim Lawrie – album “Slacker Of The Year” (Recorded & Mixed)

Dorsal Fins – album “Digital Zodiac” (Recorded & Mixed)

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard –  album “Sketches of Brunswick East” (Mixed)

Little May – forthcoming singles (Recorded)

Broads – album “Vacancy” (Recorded & Mixed)

The Seven Ups – album “Drinking Water” (Recorded & Mixed)

Milk Records “Good For You” Compilation (Recorded & Mixed)

(Courtney Barnett, Jen Cloher, East Brunswick All Girls Choir, Och My Face, Fraser A Gorman & The Finks)

Alpine – forthcoming Album (Recorded)

The Northern Folk – Forthcoming Single (Recorded & Mixed)

The Hunter Express – “Bluestone Lane” EP (Recorded & Mixed)

North City  – Single “Soul Medicine” (Recorded & Mixed)

Romeo Moon – “Garden” Single (Recorded & Mixed)

Steve Boyd’s Rum Reverie – Forthcoming Album (Recorded)

The Black Heart Death Cult – Forthcoming Album (Recorded & Mixed)

Dirty Rascal forthcoming Album (Recorded & Mixed)

Erica Bramham “Twelve Moons” Album  (Recorded & Mixed)

Have Hold – Singles (Recorded & Mixed)

Gabriella Cohen – Live Studio Performance

Teeth & Tongue – Live Studio Performance

Lost Animal – Live Studio Performance

Sampha (UK) – Live Studio Performance


The studio consists of:

  • 40 Ch MR4 Harrison In-Line Console with VCA Automation
  • Pro Tools HD 2020
  • Analogue 24 Track 2” Tape
  • Extensive Vintage microphone collection (Neumann, AKG, RCA, Sennheiser, Schoeps, Beyerdynamic…)
  • Vintage Outboard
  • 4 Isolated Recording Spaces with sight-lines between all of them
  • Kawai GS-50 Grand Piano
  • Bright, sunny & relaxing common space for in between takes 🙂

The Studio has been quietly achieving in Melbourne since 1986. Quite a diverse range of artists have completed projects at the studio, as the space allows for a wide range of Genres.

Some artists to note are: Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile, Saskwatch, Dorsal Fins, Jim Lawrie, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizzard, Cash Savage & The Last Drinks, Fraser A Gorman, Jen Cloher, Alpine, Litte May, Sampha, The Seven Ups, Sons Of Rico, Beasts Of Bourbon , You Am I, Rocket Science, The Pictures,  Money For Rope, Maddy Hay, Broads, Joe Chindamo, Allan Brown, Anton Delecca Quartet, Katie Noonan, Adam Simmons Quartet….

We can offer the studio with one of our very experienced Engineers, or if you already have your engineer of choice, they are welcome to come in and engineer your session with the help of one of our assistant engineers.

Newmarket has also teamed up with Noisehive, an artist friendly Digital Distribution network operated by Xelon Entertainment in Melbourne. Noisehive can offer our clients an exclusive discounted rate, making it easy and affordable for acts who aren’t already with a label, to release their work digitally with the personalised services offered by the Noisehive team.  

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, we would to love to have you in for a tour of the studio.

Drop Guus an email – guus@newmarketstudios.com.au



Harrison MR4 40 Channel Desk With Full Fader And Mute Automation

Recording Machines

Otari MX80 2″ 24 Track
Pro Tools HD Native 2020
w/ Antelope (32 i/o)
  • All UAD
  • FabFilter Bundle
  • Waves Platinum Bundle
  • Waves SSL Bundle
  • McDSP
  • Sony Oxford EQ
  • Focusright d2/d3
  • Soundtoys 5
  • Avid….


Kawai Gs-50 Grand Piano
Rex Valve 5 Watt Distortion Amp
Handwired VOX AC30
Various Percussion
2 x Upright Pianos (tuned on request)
Vintage Blue Sparkle Ludwig
Vintage Red Sparkle Yamaha
Drum Hardware
DMX Drum Machine

Outboard Equipment

Microphone / Line Pre-Amps

Calrec PQ1253 x 4 Channels
API 512v x 2 Channels
LaChapell 583s x 2 Channels
Dex VTMA VTube x 4 Channels
Dex NCMA2 Noise Cancelling x 2 Channels

Compression / Limiters

Fairchild 663 X 8
Urei 7110
Urei 1176ln X 2
Calrec DL1656 X 4
Brute X 1
DBX 162 Stereo Compressor
DBX 160 Compressor x 2
Orban 418a Stereo Limiter x 2
Inovonics 201
Dex Al-200 X 4 Channels


Pultec Stereo Passive Filter SPF-2
Klark-Teknik DN 410 Dual Parametric
TC Electronic Parametric
Modified Sansui Se7 Broadband Graphic Equaliser


Allison Research / Valley People Keepex Ii X 8


Korg SDD-3000
Lexicon Primetime
Eventide H910 Harmoniser


EMT 140TS Stereo Plate
EMT 250 Reverb / Chorus / Phase / Delay
Yamaha REV 7

Microphone’s & DI’s


Neumann U47
Neumann U48
Neumann U67
Neumann M149
AKG C12B X 4


Beyer M88 X 2
Beyer M69 X 4
Beyer 201
Sennheiser 441 X 2
Sennheiser 421 X 1
Sennheiser MD 409 X 2
Shure Sm57 X 2
Shure Sm58 X 3


AKG C3000 X 2
AKG C3000B
Schoeps CMC5-U X 2
Sony C35-P
Sony EMC 33f X 2
Sennheiser MKH 406 P48 X 2
Sennheiser MKH 40 P48 X 2

DI Boxes

DEX VTLS 100 Valve DI
DEX Tubeboy Valve DI x 2
DEX ALS-P48c Active Di X 3
DEX RLS-P48 Rev Di X 2 (Re-Amp Boxes)
DEX Passive Di X 2
DEX Active 4 Channel Rack DI


RCA 44 bx Ribbon
RCA BK5b Ribbon
Coles 4038 Ribbon x 2


AKG K171 MkII x 4
AKG K141 MkII x 4
DEX Headphone Amp System


Four isolated recording rooms with windows, allowing sight lines between them all.





meet our team


Tones & I, Courtney Barnett, Big Scary, Kurt Vile, Kingswood,
Vance Joy, Saskwatch, Broads, Jim Lawrie, The Seven Ups, The Northern Folk,
Grace Jean, Tek Tek Ensemble, Fraser A Gorman, Axe Girl,
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizzard, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,
The Hunter Express, Fractures, The Black Heart Death Cult, Dorsal Fins,
Erica Bramham, Sampha, Mijo Biscan,Alpine, Methel Ethel, Little May,
Jen Cloher, East Brunswick All Girls Choir, Steve Boyd’s Rum Reverie,
Jess Locke, Honk, Moon Rooney, Romeo Moon, North City, Tullara Conners,
Natalie Long, Ouch My Face, The Finks, Money For Rope, Major Cord,
Foy Vance, You Am I, Beasts of Bourbon, Rocket Science, Suzanne Kinsella,
Ollie Browne, Joe Chindamo, Katie Noonan, Anton Delecca Quartet,
The Northern Folk, Son’s Of Rico, Gun Street Girls, The Tiger & Me,
Maddy Hay, The Nymphs, Georgia Fields, Henry Joseph, Richard Pavlidis,
The Mightnight Scavengers, The Eighty 88’s, Moshe Feiglin,
Sabrina Sandapa & The Red Vans, La Mauvaise Réputationm,
The Grant Rapids, David Blyth, Chris Cavill, Domenic Bello, Clint Wilson,
M J Halloran & The Sinners, The Pictures, Brian Henry Hooper
Lights on at Heathrow, Ancient Free Gardeners, Richard Butler,
The Disheveled Gentlemen, Sunny Koll, Keshie, Cavanagh & Argus,
Michael Hazelman, Have Hold, The Good Minus, Alan Brown…


Newmarket Studios
87-91 Arden Street
North Melbourne
Victoria 3051

For Bookings & Enquiries, please contact Guus Hoevenaars via email
Email: guus@newmarketstudios.com.au

You can call Reception on 03 9329 2877 and they can arrange for Guus to call you back.

Please note, email is preferred as we cannot always answer the phone while in sessions.