Guus Hoevenaars

Highlights of Guus’s Work

Guus Hoevenaars is a 2 x Emmy winning and Bafta Nominated Producer / Mixer & Engineer.

He has mixed for Scissor Sisters, The Pierces, The Feeling and has produced for Manfred Mann, Asia, Clay, Pony & Trap, Bad Mother Earth, Deeyah, Eryn Woods, Q strings, Katy Coleman, Jess Godwin, Innate Forte, HVMNS, UJ

He developed his skills working closely with Darin Prindle (Madonna / TLC / Boys2Men), Phil Tan (Coldplay / Demi Lovato / Mariah Carey / The Neptunes ), Carlton Lynn (Pink / Ciara / Leona Lewis)

“The US opened my eyes and ears to what producing really is … I was part of this incredible creative studio called Soapbox Studios. We had Missy Elliott, P-Diddy, David Guetta, Bangladesh (Beyonce), Novel (Leona Lewis), Cee-lo Green and many others passing through.

For about 8 years soaking up the knowledge… along side working with Lann Johnson under the name JINJA. It was an incredible time”

In London he worked from Trevor Horn’s Music Bank, Jools Holland’s studio and Manfred Mann’s Workhouse Studios

Born in The Netherlands, Guus studied at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, graduating as Tonmeister and worked with a wide range of artists producing and recording albums for genres from Jazz through Pop (PIAS/Wilhelmus) to Classical (Philips Classic/Deutsche Gramophone).